They Call Me Sam

Amazingly, the fact that he had a third ear never really presented him a problem. Over the years it had certainly been the cause for some staring; children being the biggest offenders. Often they would grab hold of their parents hands as if different, meant scary, but more often than not they would giggle and exude that certain curiosity only children seemed able to tender. Adults would generally look the other way. Girls would ask if they could touch it and if in a good mood he would actually let them. Boys would tend to to punch him in the nose. Always cautious with that, because he only had one! It was a perfect ear, by the way. It was unfortunately right in the middle of his forehead. Why it couldn’t have been somewhere a bit more out of sight, he didn’t know. Often thanking the good lord he hadn’t been blessed with a third leg!   Initially when he was born his parents thought they should have it removed. The Doctors however after testing, probing and x-raying felt the trauma would be too much for his brain to handle. The old family joke was that the doctors would not hear of it, was one he heard more than once. Kind of like gerogie porgy pudding and pie. He was blessed by the fact they called him Sam. Bedsides few people had ears in the middle of their foreheads; it did give him a sense of individualism. He wouldn’t lie though for he often daydreamed of the day when the circus would come to school and the lady with the beard, the man with the tattoos, and the little boy with six toes, all would come to his class and go, Sam! We found you! He often dreamed of family


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