Sucided Notes

His letters lay all over the floor where she had tossed them There was an “A”, and  “ B” and a “ CU  later.” She ate ran, ate ran and slept often dreaming of gerbils, no not Goerbels, the German, she told her mother. Unwittingly she called out to the Doc and woke him up. You put the lime in coconut, she asked? No you idiot. You put lime in the coke you nut! After her Alice ate the apple, she placed the core in her pocket and like all her problems forgot all about him until the magic Bunny appeared. Then she dreamed of a time when thunderous applause would greet her every comment and the crowds would fall to complete silence when they announced she was gone. Her left hand waved from the window and her heart readied itself to leap from her chest. Three, two, one, onto the street below. Confused and still at a loss to explain why, she stood there silhouetted in the window, a freeze frame look up  to the passersby on their way to wherever. As everyone else climbed aboard to see what the fuss was all about. Scooter realized he was the last one to understand his hat was full of shaving cream and their in lied the joke. She reached out and grabbed the soap on a rope and thought of a soap-a-side suicide. She would be all washed up. Hanging around her shower; curtains for her. The note would be long and written with soap scum stained hands. She ended it with; this is long. So go pee, make a cup a tea, the ending is a grab bar. Then they fastened a little yellow flower they called patience to her lapel. It would always look fresh. She however would not.

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