The accomplice

And this too will pass. At least that is what she thought as she dried her hands on a kitchen towel and poured a cup of tea to calm herself down. It didn’t make sense and it did. The knock on her door was not the last thing she expected, nor was the stranger sitting in her kitchen with a notepad, asking questions about a phone call he had traced a surprise either. She wasn’t hiding. She told him the guy was shaky from the start. “A girl gets lonely. A couple of beers and sex ain’t the rest of my life.” He had the potential to loose it.  She thought for a minute and added, “Who doesn’t today?” “Got a smoke,” she asked. “No,” the detective replied, “them things will kill ya,” She sat motionless, hearing  longer questions, and offering  shorter answers, as if recalling her days with him were like seeing cars on a swiftly moving train go by. She could see the first time they met. Watch and silently feel her self laughing at the fact that she had done this before, but never gotten this close. Maybe he could have been that special someone that would make a difference in her life. He had called her a train wreck. She had taken offence, but she knew deep down in her heart that he had read her like a book. All she could see were bits and pieces. She wanted to yell stop, but the train was slowly gaining speed and all she could do was watch it fade into blue.  The detective offered no verdict on her missed chance, or maybe lucky break. His final question, “Did she know he was going to take it so badly? She did not answer. How could she not?

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