Stick em up!

One order of clown masks, two rounds of gunfire into the ceiling and a packed fully gassed car ready to roll and we got it! Bank robbed. Money gathered, bills paid, kids stay in school and your frigin mother can quit crying on Sunday that you married a bum! And for Christ sake will someone make sure there is no tracking device in the bag! You saw that movie and I have no intention of getting blasted blue! I hate it when that happens; a good robbery gone badly. Who came up with this idea? Your idea, remember, back when we were sitting there in front of the cash machine. Just once you said, you wished the money would come pouring out like some berserk machine in Vegas that wants you and only you to have coin after coin after free coin. You wager some minima amount that you only seconds ago had decided to keep for milk money but thru some quirk of fate, gambled instead of putting it in you pocket. Oh where were we? You were robbing the bank, the window was down and you were speeding away. You never did anything like this before. You were never going to do this. But you are a victim of circumstance. Not your fault the company fired you. Not your fault the money you had put away for a rainy day, got downsized so quickly. You wanted this, and you wanted that and before you knew it, someone was on the phone asking you were the insurance payment was. The last straw of course was just the other night when you saw the line at the Batman movie and you wanted to go. But nine fifty to see a movie pushed you over the edge. Stick em up.


One thought on “Stick em up!


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