Top 500 song daydream!

Sunshine will occasionally come softly thru my window in the morning. But I confess that I have never met a boy named Sue. Nor have I in my many years tripped the light fantastic, been told to respect your self or shot the sheriff!  Once I tried on a pair of blue swede shoes, but sadly never strolled down Penny Lane in them or found myself standing in the shadows of love calling out into the mystic about it being too late or that everybody needs somebody sometime. Once while reading a book in a little pink house I discovered an interesting tale about a family that lived under the boardwalk and to my surprise found myself on the road to paradise city one hot night summer in the city; but before I could get myself going discovered I was running on empty. Dismayed I turned tuned turned, and there beside the shore discovered smoke on the water and a girl named Mustang Sally who showed me the respect I thought I would never find in a city built on tumbling dice and lady marmalade! Although I wanted to stay a desperado I took a midnight train to Georgia and while rambling on met the leader of the pack. My sweet lord how he went on and on about one fine day when we would all meet the boys who were back in town. Truly a soul man looking for a do it right woman that was just like heaven. Then we both went down that long and winding road to shop around Graceland. It was then I realized I did love rock and roll and that just like heaven as long as I could have brown sugar, and be alone again naturally I would always have one fine day.



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