Job Interviews

Should- A -Could -A – Would- Ya had very little in common with No Way Jose. Yet the advertisement in the local paper had a help wanted offer, neither could refuse. The Ad said; “All the candy you could eat, plus all the overtime you could work, with weekends off, and great benefits.” Interested applicants would need to apply at the Good Golly Miss Molly Dolly factory at Ten am Monday the twenty fourth. It also said, and this was the clincher for both, “that no applicant would be denied a chance for fulltime employment if they completed the application process.”  So it was with a true desire to achieve success in lives already miserably littered with a history of defeats, that both mustered the courage to be standing in line outside the factory at the prescribed time of Ten am; Monday the first of October. Mr. Snowman and his assistance Bad Breath Bob were passing out applications to the assortment of characters that had showed, when Should- A -Could -A – Would- Ya and No Way Jose arrived. Neither felt their chances lessened by the competition there consisting of  Tell it to the Hand Marie and I don’t need this crap Karl. Bad Breath Bob announced that to get the job each applicant had to spell a long word of the company’s choice; a short word of their own choice and count backwards from five to three with their eyes shut. Should A Could spelled alright, but panicked and left before the counting. No way Jose misspelled chrysanthemum.  I don’t need this crap Karl never took the test and much too all their surprises Tell it to the Hand Marie, misspelled her own short word. Mr. Snowman was disappointed, and re-ran the ad the following Sunday.

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