The Traveler

She stood on the brink

Face to the wind

Above the black water crashing

Against the rocks

The sea’s fangs

The great expanse of the sea

Glittering in the summer sun

And it occurred to her

That the sea is just the Earth’s dress

And the tide is just her spreading her skirts

And the wind is the sound of her shaking her hair

And stretching her hands to her collar of sky

She watched a seabird kite the air

Not fighting the wind

But riding it

Not bound by the wind

But buoyed up on the billows

And she saw the bird knew

The map of the sky

And that which batters the shores of the world

Will not batter the bird that knows

How to ride the waves of the wind

And she spread her arms above

The skirts of the sea

And remembered

It was the sea that carried her far away

Away from him

Away from this

And the salt of the sea soaked the scars

On the lining of her heart

And though it stung

She knew the sea would heal

That time would heal

The wounds

And now she was away from that

Away from him

And as she spread her arms

Kiting the wind

She knew

That the sea did not smell of salt

But of freedom

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