Canned Tomatoes

Loony ball bonkers reached over for another smoke. Her bic lighter flicking in the dark lit up the room with tiny spears of light that caste long shadow. “I wish you would quit that filthy habit,” never gets tired of trying, said as he turned to see what time it was. “You know some people have sex before they smoke.” She replied, “Yeah right, like I should ever get lucky enough to have sex!” Then silence moved into the room and hung over them like the fresh smell of canned tomatoes in a house stilled by closed windows and air conditioned by fans. It stayed there for some time, neither moving nor budging. Just like the inhabitants that neither got out of bed or on with their day because they had nowhere to go. After a half an hour or so, he reached for the remote control and dialed into the latest news channel.  Arousing Loony ball bonkers; she spoke before he had a chance to change the channel. “What you watch that stuff for? You don’t understand any of it. What you know about Azerbaijani?”  “ I know a lot. I know it is in Russia or over there somewhere!” “Well ain’t you the good dam nightly news!” she replied in a short curt sentence. Truth be known he read it as it crossed over the trailer below the  story. “We going to have to get you a library card, “she called out as she got out of bed and went to the bathroom. “ Yeah right. Suppose I could do that.” Obviously both of them were not ready to be Prime time players in the real world any time soon. She crawled back in bed and moved against him. “What was that people do before they smoke?”

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