wingman-shirt-lgCarla said the second she met you she was suddenly full of wind chime tingling and whenever she thinks about you she becomes all giddy; yeah she told me that today. She said she could hear bells ringing or something to that effect. How should I know why?  Why do you think lawyers make so much money? Most people have no imaginations; most are lucky they can find their way back and forth to work everyday without a map! I mean really if you spill that cup of coffee on your lap you want to reach out and blame somebody; loves the same way and guess whose it? Can’t wait till you get all giddy and quit eating and suddenly are in love! I do not have a clue as to what she sees in you? You tell me? I am the one with the brains, looks and money. You barely got out of high school with a printed diploma and you are the one she wants a phone number from? I don’t get it at all. Have you written the brief yet? Have you prepared you final argument that clearly makes her the villain and you the injured party? I have known you since we were ten and every time you get something good you blow it. And here I am dying to eat table scraps off of your shaken love life napkins! Oh, be dammed the light that shows me the way. Sure she got the order wrong. You aren’t on the menu! Sure she was angry but the witch spilled the coffee on me. I’ve seen the flight plan. We were supposed to be out of here at six and here we sit approved and moved and quarantined and dared not to leave. I get it. 


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