“Communal forgiveness” by George Knox



Nostalgically sinful best described his feelings the moment he recognized her giving communion. As the choir extoled in lyric and harmony the virtue of living the good life, he arose from his seat awash in memories of a less than virtuous past and stepped into her line. His mind having no trouble convening a flash mob of recollections about her face, those two hands and that smile coming closer and closer one blessing at a time. Standing seven or so back in line he noticed a ray of light beaming thru a stained glass window illuminating her shoulders making those last few steps almost ethereal. All the while edged on by choir adorned in gold and purple and he in sinful mindfulness. A picture of her silhouetted in a doorway long ago having just discovered him and her roommate in a less than compromising position with tears streaming down her cheeks, mouthing the words, “how could you!” came to mind as the light beam seemed to get brighter. She eventually married and divorced and if she did notice that the prodigal son had indeed returned it would for sure be more of a look of pity than of joyful reunion! Her fresh life style lifted face and resurrected bust line went in conjunction with the sermon that day. To whom much is given, much is expected, but to he that squanders the much that is given, sinful woe shall rain down. The last person in line moved away and he cupped his hands and smiled. Smiling back and looking right though him as if he were just another sinner in line, she said the words “ the blood and body of Christ,” and as he accepted the forgiveness he moved back ahead in time and to his pew; forgiven.

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