“Time traveling Rastafarians ” by George Knox

time“Discovering McDonald’s on Tyler Street serves as a dinner stop for time traveling Rastafarians was the highlight of my day,” I said to my wife, who seldom pays attention to me. “ You what? “, she said, fumbling with an unruly collection of laundry in the dryer. “Rastafarian time travellers,” I said. “ I met this guy in line at Mickey D’s and he said, “ Man this food is fantastic! “So I say,” in a slightly softer voice, “ Seriously dude, this is McDonald’s.” Not wanting to draw attention from those behind me voicing amazement that filet of fish sandwiches are on sale two for four bucks and family should be texted! The man with beaded dreadlocks and tie dyed Tee, calmly leans over and explained. “ Years from now man all food taste the same and is not that good. Me and me mates are time travelers and have just come from twenty twenty and man the food sucked! Tasted like those clam shell burger cases you use to serve food in here!”  Introducing himself as Zamias he collected his assorted fries, shakes, and sandwiches and motioned for me to follow.  “You cannot touch good fried anything fifty years from now let alone two hundred,” he explained, as his two friends gobbled up their dinner nodding in agreement. “ But everything gets better over time? Right? “I asked. “ “Not the food.” They all laughed. “For time travelers, finding decent food is hard.” “Really, you guys are time travelers?” “Yeah, can not be specific man, but see that white van with painted tulips outside?” he said, “ Time machine!” After they ate they all got into the van and just vanished! Suddenly aware of what I was saying the wife says, “Filet of fish is on sale?”

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