“The most important game plan” by George Knox

moma_boetti_legnetticolorati_1968To Alice McCartney her final recall of the day before falling asleep was a series of snapshots. Personal vignettes of lives in motion by different authors, all happening on different stages, but tied together by a game plan and a tragedy.

Two people under the bleachers, assuring each other the impossible was indeed possible searching thru a covered floor of game litter looking for a fallen remembrance, accidently dislodged during the heat of the game. Fans adorned in distinctive allegiances milling around after the game in their team colors all freshly suited with opinions and critiques of the game. Coaches and assistants at long tables with the look of displeasure pasted to their faces recalculating stats on their small pads collectively shaking heads and pointing fingers. The two Iowa State Troopers that suddenly entered the gym and made their way to the coaches with an unusually rapid gate. Of the concession crew nudging each other at the sight of the troopers and coaches in discussions with fingers pointing toward locker rooms and payphones and most of all the reflection of flashing lights of ambulances speeding by outside heading for the interstate. Unknown to all in the gym, the away team while maneuvering construction and the entrance to the local Interstate had become involved in an accident. First responders were en route and on scene and arriving but family not as yet alerted. Chopper twenty could be heard passing over the gym setting a tone of fear and worry over all who heard it. In just seconds the importance of a game and a season seemed shrunk in comparison to the fact that something of real importance had occurred and that being home for dinner that night with the ones you loved was the most important game plan of all.




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