Written Words

words-2Headlines never tell you the whole story in black and white. Book jacket covers keep their books warm no matter how chilling the tale. Recipes are so in your face  self-righteous because they know there is only one way to make it their way. Instructions are tedious multi lingual managers who know if you do not follow their instructions you will end up with pieces left over. Advertisements are snapping turtles that lure you in with pretty pictures and beguile you with the smallest of written words. Diagnoses on prescription pads are all coded in scribble and have a way of interrupting the best of well-made plans. Fairy tales are long driveways you walk down with childhood imaginations no matter how silver the hair or lack of it on your head may be. Magazine articles go on and on but seldom give you the whole story in anything but installments. Mystery novels hold you in suspense. Tombstones tell it like it is; epithets wish they did. Crawlers underneath twenty-four hour news cry out for the attention that their cousin’s teleprompters get without asking! Hash tags are not as important as they think they are. News bulletins read by Walter Cronkite like television announcers mean business. Brochures are always yelling, “me first, me first” but never end up getting a date to the prom. Pamphlets, trifolds and handbills like to picnic together, but they seldom get anyone to pay anything but short attention because they never take life that serious. Poetry speaks to the soul, prose to the long-winded willing to hold out till the end. A Billy Collins book of poetry is a spaceship out of here, if you are ever stuck in an overheated car waiting for your cat to get his shot, so you can go home.