“Easter arisings” by George Knox

tiepolo_cristo_viacrucisR439_thumb400x275Carey Pile could hear a street corner evangelical challenging two EMT ambulance drivers parked on McCauley Street to be born again as she locked the door to her bar, “Fat Chances, ” early Easter Sunday morning. Waste of time she thought pulling on the door to make sure it was locked. Moment’s later behind the bar she felt something was out of place and quickly discovered a human leg was sticking out from under her car. The arriving policemen, Delmar and DeWayne Porridge, were friends of Carey’s and before they even got out of their car were making comments about how far Carey would go to keep a good man down! She found their humor crude. After EMT’s were given permission to remove John Doe and as Carey and the police sipped donut shop coffee the reality that a dead man was really underneath a car in the bar parking lot began to set in.” Shit like this never used to happen around here,” said Delmar.” “One thing for sure,” DeWayne replied, “He ain’t making any church services this morning.” “Looks like he had a full drunk on, from the way he smells,” said the EMT as she placed the body into the ambulance. “ “Best leave the car here till we check it out Carey. You need a ride to church or my place,” asked Delmar. Carey smirked, said no then lit a cigarette and started up the street. Looking over her shoulder she called out to DeWayne, “Sermons seldom cross the finish line with me.” Later near the hospital the ambulance drivers heard a moan, and quickly discovered John Doe dead sitting up and asking, what the hell? Turning to each other, both EMT’s simultaneously wondered if there was something to that born again stuff after all.