A life in numbers

Risultati immagini per A life in numbersSeventy sat quietly lamenting his general health and well being on a park bench near his home of many years. Sixty-eight and fifty-nine twenty feet away were curiously contemplating the odd assortment of coins lying in clear cold water inside the same parks fountain tattooed on all sides by graffiti, gang markings and green mold. “ The park is not as safe as I remember it being,” sixty- eight thought reaching into his pocket and tossing a penny into the pool. The almost silent splash and hither too and fro fall to the bottom of the fountain stirred a remembrance in sixty-eight about a time twenty-one had done a similar coin toss into a fountain before going to Vietnam. Twenty-six silently spent the day here after the war. Eighty- four standing across from them both on the opposite site of the fountain moved his walker closer for a better look at the fountains bottom thinking he had just heard a coin Ker-plunk in some water; but the pool had long ago been drained. Forty-one ate his lunch leaning against the fountains edge watching an old man feed pigeons and thought, “That will be me some day.” While seventy five feet away thirty-one was just coming out of the coffee shop across the street from the park complaining to himself about the fact he had just paid six dollars for a cup of coffee with a shot of espresso in it. Looking up at the old familiar fountain he felt a strange deja-vue of himself and decided he would skip the park today. A loud varoom, varoom suddenly grabbed thirty-ones attention and there was twenty-four in a brand new yellow mustang sitting at the traffic light thinking out loud, “ Goddam this park is full of nothing but old people!”


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