Main Street walkers

Risultati immagini per reality showTwo greasy stained sandwich takeout bags sat discarded along side half drank glasses of warm diet soda on a table littered with instant lottery scratch its. A few feet away a television reality show audience cheered and jeered at the relationship tragedy of a trailer park mother of three who had no idea whom the fathers of her children were; but now armed with a DNA test was about to find out. “ She’s a skank,” came a voice from a sofa chair in the dark side of the room! “ How would you know? She has a job and she gets lonely!” Replied a female voice on the couch. Elle and Lester would go on like this until their next daytime television idol; Judge Judy would appear. “ She could tell the trailer park mother was a skank!” “ Your ass,” replied Elle. But then as the Judges first case began each fell silent yielding full respect to the Judge. One more reality show later Lester and Elle left the apartment to, “ Main Street ” as they called it. Their daily catch up with street friends slash scare away tourists and if lucky pick up something to eat compliments of a stranger who felt sorry for them. If that failed they would try panhandling the subway crowd. On Main Street they were at least safe; too many cameras for anyone to try anything. Ellie who had long ago given up on underclothing; too tight and inhibiting walked hunched over breasts swaying from side to side six feet behind Lester. Lester pretended he was scratching off an instant lottery ticket while murmuring, “ I am going to win this time.” Elle right behind kept calling out, “ You got no luck! You got no luck! You got me!”


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